1.   E-mail us and we will make an appointment to come and meet with you. 

2. We will discuss all the details

3. We will look at the room you have for the show and make sure it will work for us;  most do.

4. You will tell us the length of show you would like and we will plan the appropriate number of magicians to your specifications. 

5. We will help you decide on ticket prices based on your goals and the neighborhood realities. 

6. All you have to do is sell the tickets.  We take care of the rest for you.

7. Once you have an audience in a theater, auditorium or multipurpose room, we will handle the rest, and perform an amazing and exciting show for your group.

1. You can expect us to come on time and perform the show we planned and promised you.

2. You can expect magicians who demonstrate a level of decorum and professionalism that suits an all ages show.

3. You can expect the audience to be entertained.

4. You can expect appropriate opportunities for audience participation in the show.

5. You can expect to earn appropriate funds that match the plans and effort  that we discussed and worked out with you prior to our performance.

6. You can expect that we will charge you absolutely nothing for our services.

7. You can expect us to return and perform for you again if you find the show was even better than you expected.

Fundraising Magic Shows For You

The amazing magicians of Ring 96 can put on a fundraising magic show for your group. 

With magic, fundraising is easier than you might think!

How do you set up a Ring 96 fundraising magic show?

What can you expect from a Ring 96 fundraising magic show?

Contact Ring 96 to set up your fundraising magic show today


Is there a Catch?


No, there is no catch.  We have several reasons for performing shows for you.

1. We are magicians who are members of a magic club; we love to perform. 

2. We like the idea of letting people know that our quiet little club is out there.  

3. As a non-profit group ourselves, we feel like we should be giving back to the community.

We do make a few simple requests ...

1. We hope you will make a couple of seats available if anyone from the press chooses to come see the show.

2. We would like to mention your group by name in our advertising the event.

3. Please let us sell magic books or simple tricks after the show, or give out business cards if requested.

4. That’s it! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.