IBM RING 96                                                                                                                                                                                                        December  2014

NEXT MEETING: December 20, 2014  7 PM
Farmers & Merchant Bank
12535 Seal Beach Boulevard, Seal Beach, CA


We will have our Holiday Members’ Dessert Potluck this month. Of course, the everpopular
Gift Exchange will also take place. So, please bring a gift valued about $15.00.
The gift exchange is always a lot of fun.
Importantly, we strongly encourage performing a few tricks. It can be an old favorite or
some thing new you are working on. It is a friendly crowd so let’s enjoy the magic.

This December, as in our past Holiday Programs, Bill Pearce has prepared an extra super bonus for us. Each Ring 96 member will be eligible to participate in a free raffle and win
a magical gift. To be clear, Bill has arranged for each member to go home with a raffle
prize from a special raffle. The Monthly Raffle will be conducted as usual.

So there you have it. Plan to be at the Ring on December 20 for another evening of fun.

By the way, guests are most welcome.
Bill Hunter presented the awards (trophies) to the three winners from our recent Stage Contest. They were:

First Place- Mark Kiyabu,
Second Place-Chris Fleming,
& Third Place- Cliff Gerstman.

Well-deserved awards for outstanding magic!

Dan Habel gave a brief report on behalf of the Search Committee (Paul LaGreek, Cliff Gerstman, and Dan). Effective January 1, 2015, we can no long use the Bank for our meetings. One of the best potential future locations is the North Seal Beach Community Center located about 100 yards from the bank. However, rental costs and a requirement for liability insurance are expensive. Talks with the city are under way. Members will be
kept informed as solid information is obtained.


December 20- Member’s Pot Luck and Gift Exchange

January 17 - Bill Pearce Lecture.
President Kobge Egbok 310-329-3767 no e-mail address
Vice President Cliff Gerstman 562-938-9805
Treasurer Paul LaGreek 714-404-6310
Secretary Dan Habel 562-434-4693
Sgt. At Arms Steve Lund  562-234-1839
Past President Bill Hunter 562-920-0289
Members At Large
Jheff Poncher 310-750-0960
Scott Boger 562-431-9933

After Dan’s report, we got right into the evening’s lecture by Al Lampkin. He opened with a trick he described as his reputation maker. The trick involved a torn and restored napkin. He encouraged us to work on it and add it to our performances because it has always got him a huge response.

Next, he had Paul LaGreek assist with the folding of a dollar bill. Paul was instructed to how to go about folding it and then how to tear it. Al asked all of us pull out a dollar and taught us how to do it. We learned a new trick right on the spot.
A Ring On A Stick was Al’s next routine for us. He asked Dan Habel and Pierre
Hathaway to hold the ends of the wand and after some magic on the part of Mr. Lampkin,
the borrowed ring from Marty Gorman was found on the wand. That ring trick was
closely followed by another with Paul LaGreek once again helping out. Both these tricks
were done well and demonstrated the importance of presentation.
After the break, Mr. Lampkin did several tricks for us, which included a Magic Square,
Cards Across, and then a clever Invisible Deck routine. He closed out his interesting
lecture with a mentalism effect that involved the addition of random numbers he got from
the audience. It was a terrific closer and he got the applause he deserved.

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 Ring 96 held the election for the Board of Directors for 2014/15.

The following members were elected and are all members in good standing with our Ring and with IBM.

President………… Kobge Egbok
Vice-President……Cliff Gerstman
Treasurer………….Paul LaGreek
Secretary………….Dan Habel
Sgt. At- Arms……..Steve Lund
Member at Large…Scott Boeger
Member at Large…Jheff

Bill Pearce conducted the
raffle and the winners were:

Jim Callen…
Book, The Performanceof Close-Up Magic
by Eugene Burger
donated by the Butler Estate

Russel Parks…
Trick, Point Blank
by Ammar & Cotier
donated by Kobge Egbok

Paul Miles…
DVD, Scams & Fantasiers with Cards V. 4
and Darwin Ortiz A-2
donated by Chris Fleming

Marty Gorman…
Trick, Bi-Kolar Kut, Supreme
donated by the Glenn Estate

Paul LaGreek…
VHS (3) Eugene Burger’s Magical Voyages by Max Maven
donated by the Butler Estate

Richard Ribuffo…
Trick Puzzle (3), Humty Dumpty Paper Tear, Devil Wand, & Something Fishy
donated by the Glenn Estate.

GeorgeAnn Pearce…
Trick, Twisted Sisters
by Bannon
donated by Bill Pearce.